Hmm….but not entirely your fault.
Perhaps you are too engrossed in your routine business things.
And of course, other responsibilities.

Read on to see how you could save all those dollars,
that you may be wasting while running your business.
According to January 2017 statistics,
the average salary you pay to your bookkeeper is

$16.79 per hour

Remember, this is just an AVERAGE figure.
You may be paying USD 30 per hour or even more to your bookkeeper.
(The “$16.79” figure is based on data inputs taken from 43,480 employees.
And users, job advertisements etc on a job portal, from the past 12 months.)

So if you have one bookkeeper working for you full-time,
the minimum he may be getting from you is more than

$ 30,000 annually

Of course, other perks and benefits are in addition to this.
Would you mind saving more than half of this figure?

A saving of more than USD 15,000 per year

If you won’t mind this, a 10 minutes call is what it takes to save that five-figure amount.
Yes, every year!

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